Working Cocker Spaniels are excellent working dogs as well as terrific family pets. We are very much a community based site Carolina. For their size they can lift heavy objects larger than their own size, jump high fences and hedges easily and run fast. Pups are paper trained to start and then begin their training to toilet after feeds and before bedtime. The WCS is a sensitive dog and will sense your moods, remember you will need to be firm as well as gentle with this breed.

Local Authority Name: The Fenland District Council. Cocker. Litter of x5 Male Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies, there are currently 3 remaining for sale. 1,200. New A d 1,500 Each For Sale.

Some hunters use Cocker Spaniels to chase rabbits (a dog should flush out an animal for hunter to fire or drive it). But Cocker Spaniels are used to hunt rabbits rather seldom (just in a few countries, like Great Britain). Its main role is to work in feather, rather in fur. How to Start Training? First recognised as a distinct breed by the Kennel Club in 1893, it's name is derived from it's original function to hunt woodcock. For instance, if your pups parents are show quality dogs, her price tag will be on the higher end of the spectrum.

06-05-2022 Roma is a nervous little girl who has come to us from a breeder. We breed working Cocker Spaniels in Cornwall from Britains best blood lines. They're exceptional hounds, equally happy as working gun dogs, as affectionate companions, and as they're especially good with children of all ages, they make good family pets. Springer. She has many field trail champions (FTCH) in her pedigree with Mallowdale Xfactor being her great grandfather which won the 2015 Cocker Championship. The Working Cocker Spaniel bred for hunting, finding and flushing game, from rabbits to beating on a large shoot driving pheasants over the waiting guns is the very same Cocker Spaniel that you may see in the show ring. Hot Weather Tip for pups! We are trying to keep to the origins of our favoured working lines.

16. 1,000. That was my first bath, it was great! A cocker bred from working lines physically resembles their ancestors quite closely. These puppies have an excellent pedigree and are a highly sort after colouring.

This breed is very trainable, so long as the owners are gentle as well as firm, since Working Cocker Spaniels are generally very sensitive dogs you should both have a good relationship without unnecessary problems. Displaying 1 - 570 of 570 Breeders of Working Cocker Spaniels . Home About Us Our Breeds Our Breeds Cocker Spaniel Cockapoo Stud Dogs Gallery Gallery Cocker Spaniel Gallery Cockapoo Gallery Available Puppies Contact Us 07804 695 846 We are a family run business who specialise in breeding top quality working gun dogs since 1980. Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Pet's Age: 1 month 4 days. Vicky can be contacted on 07958 142 959. She does come forward for a sniff when she is with her kennel friends but is worried when away from them so will need a home. Puppies were 8 weeks old on 27.06.22. 1,200 Very sad sale here we have our beloved 1 year old working cocker spaniel girl for sale due to no fault of her own we are moving house and unfortunately the landlord will only allow 1 dog she has the most beautiful temperament wonderful with kids and other dogs she loves to play and cuddle she's fully vaccinated microchipped and up-to-date with her worm and flea treatment Mum is our pride and joy, she is a very intelligent, highly trained, working cocker. He is being fostered in adult home with other dogs in Gloucestershire.

Our beautiful 5 year old sable cocker spaniel, Layla has given birth to 7 beautiful Merle puppies and will be due to leave their forever homes on the 25th June. Mum is our family dog and has a lovely temperament, mum is When Will was 17 years old he qualified a bitch Cresset Poker dot for the English Springer Spaniel Championships. Cocker Spaniel Breeders: Summary. Published on: 02 July 2022. Beautiful merle working cocker spaniel puppies for sale. Adoption fee: Please check with the rescue. Poppy is a lovely blue roan cocker from showing lines, very loving and friendly with everyone but a great escape artist, look around and she is behind you. Florence Puppies SA2820 - SA2825.

Marley SA2846. We also want to help you along the way to create both a team and companion and be the only place you consider for a Field-Bred English Cocker. I have 7 beautiful cocker spaniel puppies for sale all puppies a lovely golden/red. 250 Stunning pedigree KC registered working type cocker spaniel for stud, 1 year old amazing temperament and an all round brilliant dog, big personality and no health concerns. Mum Breton - dad unknown.

Legally Released: 23 July 2022. Golden/red cocker spaniel puppies. Quincegrove has two spaniels available at stud. She arrived into her foster home and immediately made herself at home, never had an accident in the house. Although similar in appearance the Field spaniel is not the same as a working Cocker spaniel. Bromyard, Herefordshire, UK. Information. Fully health checked and legally docked, the mum and pups have had vet checks twice in the first few weeks. Country of origin of your pet: United Kingdom. At Ryglen Gundogs we use a low force, no ecollar methodology. Our dogs are bred to work on the picking-up and the beaters lines, they are all bred from very biddable lines, with some very famous Field Trial Champions in their breeding. "Woody is abnormally tall and the size of a Springer Spaniel, but I also know Cockers that are absolutely tiny the size of Cavaliers. This is to safeguard the future of the individual pup as well as the welfare of both Labradors and Working Cocker Spaniels. Three famous working cocker spaniel ownersPrince WilliamGuy RitchieDavid Beckham Both Dam and sire are our dogs and are KC registered. 5 left!! Ad Type : Dog for Sale Brown Working Cocker Spaniels,2 lovely little bitches left from a litter of 4 bitches 2 dogs. We are a fully licensed breeding kennels- we breed working gundogs- Labradors, English Springer Spaniels & Cocker Spaniels. They shed in the fall so that thicker fur can grow in for winter warmth. Cocker Spaniels that spend a lot of time outdoors are most prone to high shedding. Regular brushing is one of the best ways to reduce shedding. Owning a Cocker Spaniel is a commitment to frequent upkeep in the form of combing and clipping.

Of course, Show Cockers can also be split into another category. Working cocker spaniels, also known as field cocker spaniels are a breed of dog that have been bred specifically for working in the fields to retrieve game such as pheasants, ducks and hares. Size: Cocker Spaniels are typically medium sized dogs but in Cockers you can have all sorts, of course typically males are bigger than females. Vicky can be contacted on 07958 142 959. When Will was 17 years old he qualified a bitch Cresset Poker dot for the English Springer Spaniel Championships. A Labrador with a bed, a bowl and a basket takes up a deal of room. Shelter: Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire. In addition to doing that, here is how you can proactively teach your cocker spaniel to lie down:Have your Cocker Spaniel sit in front of youHold a treat in front of his nose, and then slowly lower your hand downwards, to the floor. Your Cocker Spaniels nose should naturally follow your handOnce your hand reaches the floor, bring it slowly back towards you. As soon as your cocker spaniel is lying down, praise and treat him All our dogs have excellent temperaments and are healthy and well socialised so are perfect for breeding, working and pets. One such example is the Field spaniel which many people, particularly in the USA, confuse with working Cockers. The Cocker Spaniel is the third most popular breed in the UK, and with the breed being both a working Gundog and a family dog, they are a real all-rounder, says Bill. These breeders initially started with Labradors, but then fell in love with wonderful Cocker Spaniel dogs. Dont be fooled by their smaller size.

We breed English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Labradors Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers.

March 27, 2021.

Labrador Retrievers Their energy, stamina, and agility will impress you. The difference is obvious.

They are all Kennel Club registered, and the parents are fully health tested. Working cocker spaniel puppies. All our Cocker Spaniels are Fully Health Tested. They are small but strong and robust, with high hunting and retrieving instincts. Read More.

Modified on: 02 July 2022. The black and white ticked and the multi-colour Cocker Spaniel. She is very loving and affectionate and also has the potential to make an excellent trained gun dog. Their small size made them ideal for scaring ground-dwelling birds out of the hedgerows. Welcome to Cockers Online Your on-line resource for all things Cocker. Will returned after a year to work for his father Peter Clulee of Larford Gundogs to help run the family business of boarding dogs and cats as well as train, breed and trial gundogs. Unfortunately, we haven't' been able to find a reputable Show Cocker breeder with any availability before Xmas, but have come across a breeder of Working cockers and, whilst we prefer the look (and the coat maintenance!) This advert is located in and around Manchester, Lancashire. About cocker spaniels.

Spain - will be delivered . Puppies and Mum are monitored 24 hrs a day 2 weeks prior to birth and until pups are 4 weeks old , after which time pups are acclimatized to spending less human and Mum contact in preparation for entering the big bad world. Ad Type : Dog for Sale. Mon - Fri: 10:30 - 17:00 . Misperros Maria Madigan Kilmarnock Email:

New A d 1,300 For Sale. Gorgeous working cocker spaniel puppies. The average cost of a Cocker Spaniel puppy from a responsible dog breeder will fall between $400 and $1,400. I have 3 gorgeous Working-Type Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale. Rated by Below are our available dogs, please click on the dogs photos for their description. The working cocker spaniel has had a real resurgence out in the field since the 1960s. KC Registered Working Cocker Spaniel puppies. It is noteworthy for producing one of the most varied numbers of pups in a litter among all dog breeds. Here we have a stunning litter of working cocker spaniels from our beautiful golden spaniel Piper. She is also a patron of English Springer Spaniel Welfare. KC registered red cocker spaniel puppies. Residence country the pet is registered at: United Kingdom. Legally Released: 23 July 2022. Breeder License #: AW061.

Stunning kc registered cocker spaniel puppies! The golden cocker retriever is a mixed breed dog a cross between the golden retriever and cocker spaniel dog breeds. Recent posts. The Cocker Spaniel is a truly amazing companion, working dog and yes a friend. BVA Gonioscopy (PLA Grade 0 or 1) 07807047619. All our dogs eat Royal Canine Mini Junior and a free bag is provided with each Cocker Spaniel puppy. 1,500. Information About Cocker Spaniels: Characteristics Bruce is a 7-8 year old male Working Cocker Spaniel.

For a list of Kennel Club Assured Breeders please visit the Find an Assured Breeder service. In the litter there are 3 females (2 sold) and 2 males. She is also a patron of English Springer Spaniel Welfare. The pups KC papers are endorsed. The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed of gun dog. The Club holds an annual Championship Show at Malvern in July as well as the now well- established Puppy & Veteran Challenge held in January. 10 to 13 years. Thank you for considering re-homing a spaniel from Spaniel Aid UK. If using find a puppy, once the litter you are looking for appears, click on the breed name to find out more about them. First on the list of Cocker Spaniel breeders in the UK is Clumsetter. Established in 1991,Dolbrenin gundogs is owned and run by Jeremy and Claire Davies from a 6 acre small holding in the heart of the beautiful North Devon countryside. Louth, LN11. She has now retired to follow her passion, a life of eating as much as she can find. Working cocker spaniel puppies. Residence country the pet is registered at: United Kingdom. Ready to leave: in 4 weeks.

This group is for owners of Working Cocker Spaniels in the UK - whether they are pets or working dogs. Originally thought to have been called 'cocking spaniels', cocker spaniels (or 'cockers') gained their name from their job flushing woodcock for hunters. Enhanced List. We work all our dogs on local shoots, mostly with partridges, some pheasants and over water with teal and mallard. Will returned after a year to work for his father Peter Clulee of Larford Gundogs to help run the family business of boarding dogs and cats as well as train, breed and trial gundogs. Housty Kennels. Ryglen Training.

Spaniels Spaniel (Cocker) Having researched different breeds for the past 6 months, we finally settled on a cocker spaniel and started the search. The Cocker Spaniel is part of the Gundog group who are often particularly affectionate dogs, having originally been bred to be co-operative and respond to human commands. Modified on: 02 July 2022. On these pages we would like to provide some information about the working cocker spaniel and introduce our own dogs as well as our breeding plans. Rosecourt Katie Nuttall Newmilns Email: . The little dogs were originally bred for hunting woodcock hence the name cocker. Experienced individuals with an active lifestyle are a better fit for this dog. 3 days ago. KC Registered: Yes. Carmelfair Cocker Spaniels Janetta Fairbairn Kilmarnock Email: Breeder License #: AW061. For details of Cocker Spaniel litters planned please click on Picture. English Cockers are very strong retrievers on land and water as well as superb flushers that can work with or without pointers. This group is for owners of Working Cocker Spaniels in the UK - whether they are pets or working dogs.

Orpington Kent, England. Vicky both beats and picks up, and has had success in Field Trials, as well as judging working spaniels at Crufts in 2016. They take to obedience training well, and enjoy a range of activities, including retrieving, flyball and agility. The kennels are run and owned by Anne-Marie Millard. Please note these need plenty of exercise so preferably working homes DNA Clear for PRA, FN & AMS . Most responsible breeders will also offer to take back any puppy they have bred for rehoming should the need ever arise. All details are discussed and explained fully when you visit. Blue and Belle her two daughters have taken on her role. New. Decide whether you're going to use a professional or a hobby breeder. We are often asked what the difference is between Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels. Roma - Female Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel cross Poodle) Many Tears Rescue - Wiltshire. The breed is energetic which makes them a real asset in the beating line. Published on: 02 July 2022. Wrexham, Wales. KC Registered: Yes. no papers. All Folkvang pups are sold with a contract of sale. People live in small houses these days. Cocker Spaniel (Working) 8mth. For kennel information, please call or fill out our contact form: (256) 892-2177. This advert is located in and around Manchester, Lancashire. Small and portable. Largely based on training techniques that Jay has learned through the years at Wildrose Kennels and spending time in the

Diamondfinda Working Cocker Spaniels, Shropshire Diamondfinda Working Cocker Spaniels is a family-owned kennel in Shropshire, which is focused on gundog breeding and training working-type Cocker Spaniels. But note that they are not the right canine companions for everyone.

They have a natural instinct to do so as this is what they have been bred to do for hundreds of years. Interested buyers can contact them to learn more about their studs and puppies. Cocker spaniel puppies for sale born on the 2 of June 2022 ready to leave on the 28th of July 2022 Marley our family pet had 5 puppies in the litter lovely pups 1 x boy (already sold) and 4 x bitches 3 x chocolate and white and 1 blue roan ( black and. Today, there are over 1500 members (both home & overseas). 4 hours ago. Dam has over 30 FTCHs in her 5 generation enhanced. Hereford, Herefordshire 14th June 2022. 1,300 We have a litter of stunning cocker puppies consisting of 4 boys and 1 girl. We have 6 beautiful working cocker spaniel pups for sale born 11/06/2022 1 x chocolate boy 2 x chocolate girls 3 x liver and white girls Ready for new Size the golden cocker retriever stands from 14 to 19 inches tall and can weigh anywhere between 20 60 pounds though the average weight is 30 45 pounds. To quote Keith Erlandson: "The Springer is like a great foot soldier, he will do what he is told to do by his commander. Look for a responsible breeder before choosing a puppy; first, choose your breeder, then select your puppy. Age: 4 weeks. 1 liver boy still available from our litter of 5. Use the filters below to find a puppy or find a rescue near you. 19th June 2022. Catering mainly for UK owners and breeders, we hope to bring you relevant information, products, photos, discussion and loads more besides.

I may be biased, but the Cocker Spaniel temperament is definitely a winner for me! Labradors are big dogs. Local Authority Name: The Fenland District Council. Greenfox Mr A Gyton & Mrs R Gyton Downham Market Norfolk We regularly shoot over and hunt with all our dogs, and enjoy watching them work the terrain, filled with excitement and Pretty amazing bearing in mind she was kept in a field bearing litter after litter for her hunter owner. Dog lovers who are vying to own a Working Cocker Spaniel should be prepared to face his good and bad side. They can also retrieve pheasants and partridges and some will even try carrying a goose. 4 days ago. Pet's Age: 1 month 4 days. Cocker Spaniel Age: 8 weeks 4 male / 2 female. Based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, we provide well-bred cocker spaniels across the UK. Visits : 91. The Cocker Spaniel is primarily a beloved companion dog breed, though they remain a capable bird dog at heart. Little OLIVE is in foster near Braintree, Essex and a very sweet girl. Beautiful working cocker spaniel pups for sale. Vicky both beats and picks up, and has had success in Field Trials, as well as judging working spaniels at Crufts in 2016. OLIVE - 5 YEARS. Name *. 1,800(Fixed) 4 photos. 16 weeks on arrival. Another reason for the popularity of the working cocker spaniel is almost certainly its size. Good breeders will almost always be members of at least one breed club such as The Cocker Spaniel Club and will usually be involved in some activities with their dogs besides breeding eg showing, working, agility etc. Find a working-cocker-spaniel on Gumtree , 6 Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies, West Cornwall, Dogs and bitches available, various colours, both parents available to be seen. She only weighs 10 kg, so is quite tiny! The Cocker Spaniel is known for being gentle, affectionate and friendly, something which is KC Registered Working Cocker Spaniel puppies Eye, UK Quincegrove has two spaniels available at stud. I have 3 males and 4 females. Information. 18 Months. One of the most friendly, outgoing, confident dogs and one that will happily grow up with children, young or older. They are currently 8 week old. Woodleigh working cocker spaniels are reared to the highest standard. Buy an English Cocker Spaniel puppy at Kellys Kennels confidently and safely. The better the bloodline, the higher the price will be. 5. Gold standard worming from day 40 and will be vaccinated. Mondale Anne Moncrieff Beith Email: Age: 3 Years. BVA Clear Eye Cert. This breed originated in the united states. Uggeshall Kennels - English Springers, Sprockers and Working Cocker Spaniels Suffolk Uggeshall Kennels Uggeshall kennels is based in North Suffolk near to the pretty coastal town of Southwold. Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Female Puppies For Sale. 2,000. We aim to be a totally inclusive site, welcoming anyone with an interest in Cockers (whether show strain or working strain).

We have 6 beautiful working cocker spaniel pups for sale born 11/06/2022 1 x chocolate boy 2 x chocolate girls 3 x liver and white girls Ready for new All about the breed. He came into our care after his owner wanted to retire him & others from working he.

Bewtifull Cocker spaniel female she is ten months old ready to start her training she's very good in the house very clean great whith children and other dogs selling through no fault of hers my circumstances have changed she is a sweet loving dog and its going to be hard to see her go looking for five star home. Colours are lemon, lemon roan, Black and Black and white. Microchip : No Neutered : No Kc Registered : No Colour : Black Brown and White Gender : Female Dob : 29/05/2022 Ready By : 24/07/2022. Country of origin of your pet: United Kingdom. We breed English show Cockers not working Cockers as they make much better lower energy pets.

The Cocker Spaniel Club is the Parent Club of the breed and was founded in 1902 with a membership of 35. Clumsetter is a reputable breeder of Working Cocker Spaniels and ensures that their dogs are fully health tested and bred to the highest standards. English Cocker Spaniel puppies are naturally birdie and will develop into aggressive hunters in the field.